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Meet the CEO Therapist Gail D. Thomas, LPC 












Therapist Gail offers expertise of 20+ years in providing client-centered, interactive and supportive counseling to individuals, couples and families. She believes in utilizing guided observations and questions to empower her clients, giving them more choices in a more personal therapeutic manner of care .  Clients develop a sense of empowerment of their life through guided educational learning and goals setting. Gail is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Process Groups, Substance, specializing in anxiety, depression, substance abuse, identity crisis, and LGBT specialist. Therapist Gail's varied experience includes Professional counseling in Mental Health Treatment Facilities, has served on SBLC, decision-making boards, develop Treatment Plans, Assessments, Coordinated Court Cases, Public/Private School settings and Government agencies, serving a wide variety of clients and their families.


In addition to therapeutic counseling, The Paramount Community Care "Midland" Center was founded by Therapist  Gail in order to address the ills of communities and focus on the people's needs hands on.  The Midland Center offers Fitness Instruction, Nutrition Specialities, Educational Consultations, Tutoring, Life Coaching, and PLPC Supervision.  Services such as nutrition, fitness, financial, transitions counseling such as parenting, marriage/divorce, education needs, retirement and disability-related concerns are addressed here.


The journey of life can be stressful dealing with unexpected situations such as World PANDEMICs, Personal/Natural/ Civic Crisis, Loss of Loved Ones, Critical Incidents, Career and Life Changes.  Let Therapist Gail assists you of any age in the healing process to "WHOLE HEALTH" -Mind, Body, Spirit, and Social.

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