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Spiritual Wellness

Woman with Mask

Connection with Inner Self

Throughout this whole ordeal with the World Pandemic, Therapist Gail her virtual classes with Fitnomenal Fitness and Dance Studio, LLC has taught me that my connection with my "Inner Self" through Body and Mind Fitness Therapy can keep me Mentally Well during this process.  I am thankful to have learned these skills."- Bonnie

Field of Flowers

Higher Power

I shared with Therapist Gail my feelings about my Spiritual Beliefs/ Disbeliefs and as my Life Coach, she taught me to connect with a Power Higher than Me that I was comfortable with"- Manikays

Romantic Couple Enjoying View


In the era of "Social Distancing", we've learned through Meditation that staying connected to those who care about you the most is very important!  "Thanks, Therapist Gail Thomas at Paramount Concepts and Wellness, LLC."- Substance Abuse Group

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